New Last Legacy Website

2014-08-13 19:06:16 by Runouw

I've been working on a new website for the past few weeks.


You may go there and try out some fun level designer levels for Last Legacy, and if you've made any of your own, you can make an account and post it there.

Last Legacy Question

2014-06-06 15:37:31 by Runouw

Now that chapter 2 is out, I've got to make a few small patches, but ultimately I'm done working on it. So now, I want to take the Last Legacy series to the next level. My question is:

For a full-lengthed Last Legacy game (about the length of 3 Flash Player Last Legacy games in one), how much would you be willing to pay?

I want to make a huge Last Legacy game and sell it on Steam, and maybe even the Wii U E-shop.

Last Legacy: Null Space Beta

2014-02-09 20:52:03 by Runouw

You can try out the beta here:

Spread the word!


I'll be working hard to finish up the full version of the game and release it soon!

Last Legacy beta v0.3

2013-01-17 00:54:08 by Runouw

I've finished Last Legacy Beta v0.3. It comes with three built in beta levels and the 'mostly complete' level designer.

Now that the level designer is almost complete I am going to focus on building levels and programming bosses for the story mode. You can look forward to a Newgrounds release for the full game soon, but for now you can play the beta on my site.

Mage Game: Sneak Preview April

2010-04-03 20:18:03 by Runouw

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This new video shows off how easy it is to create ground in the level designer with only four basic pieces. Another big improvement is being able to select multiple tiles and items at once. You can also copy, paste, and delete a large group of selected items/tiles. There's also an undo and redo feature not shown in the video. There is now a background layer of where you can carve any mountain or graphic you want without having the character collide with it. You can toggle which graphical layers are visible, view tiles when they do not conform, and toggle if the grid is shown. A new feature is turning a group of tiles into a planet or rotating block, which are planned to have fully customizable movements, settings, and gravity control.